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Are you dedicated to create the most futuristic and high quality audio devices?

crazybaby is a hardware designing team comprised with designers and geeks. The team is dedicated to the design, production and sales of audio equipment and peripheral products of the brand. It also provides software services compatible with the hardware equipment.

Our aim is to create smart devices capable of linking human emotions and future technologies, and to invent a brand new digital life-style. We hold dear to the belief of creating design-driven products, as we believe that every single product detail is derived from countless trials over design methodology. We embrace bold and interesting product concept, unique and high-end technology, and elegant industrial design with futuristic style.

Does it resemble with your inner passion? We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Even if there’s no open position that fits you, but you still believe you can help us — get it touch.

We believe in people and we need your talents to create the best products there ever was. We are looking for hungry, intelligent, passionate people.

We hire best of the best, so prepare to impress us.