Crazybaby at CES 2017 in Las Vegas

US., December 8, 2016

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place from January 5–8, 2017, in Las Vegas, USA. At the world’s largest electronics show, Crazybay is exhibiting its new lineup of products.

Key Products Exhibiting on CES:

Mars by crazybaby

Mars by crazybabyTM is a wireless hi-fi system made of aluminium in a futuristic design. It features a UFO-shaped 45mm full-range speaker and a base accommodating the 95mm subwoofer. When music is played, the speaker takes off from the base and floats above it. When the battery is low, the speaker lands back on the base, only to lift off again as soon as the battery is recharged. The speaker is waterproof to IPX7 level and can be operated without the base thanks to Bluetooth technology.

“While many audio products on the market feature either good sound quality, cool design, or an affordable price, no product delivers all three – until now,” said Allen Zhang, founder of Crazybaby. “We created Mars to offer an innovative, low cost, and visually captivating speaker with an unparalleled listening experience.”

Luna by crazybaby

The Luna is powered by MESHNET network technology, with multi-point connectivity that can support up to 32 units to create a highly stable wireless audio network. The Luna delivers incredible, full-bodied sound with an independent high frequency horn and a full-range speaker. The centerpiece of the design is the Luna Eye, a groundbreaking design that harnesses an AWU smart electric telescopic system and adjustable color kit that lets you set the lighting to match the user’s listening experience.

“What makes Luna revolutionary is that it combines wireless portability with support for multiple units,” said crazybaby Founder and Lead Designer Allen Zhang. “With the

Crazybaby+ App, Luna’s excellent multi-room support allows the average user to build an audio network and control station that is customized to their needs, without the use of wires or the need for special installation.”

Air by crazybaby

Air by crazybaby is world’s first carbon nanotube true wireless stereo headphones which featuring Bluetooth 4.2, Single Button Control, In-Ear Mic with portable, and more. "Sound and connection is to the essence of Air by crazybaby’s design. Customized true wireless sound technology makes sure you hear every detail of the music. Consistent and reliable connection powered by latest CSR technology make Air the best in its category," said crazybaby founder Allen Zhang.

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