Air by crazybaby (NANO)

Getting Started

Turning On

1. During initial use, pull and open the Air by crazybaby (NANO) capsule, take out the headphones and remove the protective stickers.

2. Place the headphones back into the capsule, close it and connect the Type-C USB cable to a power source to begin charging.

3. Press and hold each headphone logo button for 2 seconds until the headphone LED band light turns on.

Connecting Bluetooth

4. Turn Bluetooth ON in your device Settings menu to search and connect to Air by crazybaby (NANO). If you cannot find 'Air by crazybaby (NANO)' on the Bluetooth Settings, press and hold the left headphone logo button for 2 seconds until the LED band light flashes rapidly then let go. Then return to Bluetooth menu, look for 'Air by crazybaby (NANO)' and connect.

5. After successful Bluetooth connection, enjoy your music experience with Air by crazybaby (NANO).